What is Speedyshop?

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Why Speedyshop?

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Why Speedyshop?

The keys to a successful webshop are simplicity and speed. Customers need to be able to find what they are looking for quickly and they won’t wait for a heavily laden web page to load just to buy something. Every unnecessary second you force your customers to wait increases the chance of them getting bored and going elsewhere.
the difference
Speedyshop is designed to be fast and simple to use, for you as well as for your webshop customers.

YOUR WEBSITE With Speedyshop you get your own website with your own web address - yourname.com. You are not part of a mall and customers do not have to leave your website to make a purchase. Nothing comes between you and your customers. You are in charge, you are in control, you can run things exactly as you want to.

SAFE & SECURE With Speedyshop you get your own security certificate, not one shared by dozens or hundreds of other webshops. All transactions and all other sensitive information is held on your own secure webspace and delivered to you by secure (encrypted) email.

NO EXTRA CREDIT CARD CHARGES With Speedyshop there is no need to employ the services of a costly bureau in order to accept credit or debit cards, you may simply process them as you do normally, just as if you were accepting an order over the telephone. Every penny you take is yours, over and above your existing credit card charges.

NO HIDDEN COSTS With Speedyshop you get everything you need in one simple deal. There is a single setting up charge and a monthly charge. There are no hidden costs so it is always easy for you to calculate how profitable your webshop is.

CUSTOMER CONFIDENCE Speed, ease-of-use, consistency and instant feedback builds customer confidence, so that once someone has ordered for the first time they will not only be more than happy to order again but will become an ambassador for your webshop, recommending you far and wide.

ABOVE ALL, IT WORKS Speedyshop is proven technology. Developed originally for use on HiSOFT websites, Speedyshop has been working hard for more than two years, rigorously handling the demands of extremely high volume traffic when called upon so to do. Speedyshop has been a rip-roaring success for one company - now it can help your business expand into the worldwide marketplace of the future.

In business, one instinctively knows when something is right.

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